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About Us


The Butler County Special Education Cooperative was formed in 1966.  In 2014, the Cooperative became the Butler County Special Education Interlocal, #638.  The Interlocal consists of 9 Unified School Districts in South Central Kansas, Andover, Augusta, Bluestem, Circle, Douglass, El Dorado, Flinthills, Remington and Rose Hill.  A director of special education is charged with the daily operation and administration of the Interlocal.  The Interlocal is governed by a board of directors which consists of one school board member from each member district.  The Interlocal also employs three Assistant Directors.


The philosophy of the Interlocal is to serve as a partner with parents, educators and administrators in providing equal educational opportunity for all students within the boundaries of the 9 member school districts. This educational opportunity shall be provided to students regardless of their ability, physical or mental disability or geographical location. It is our belief that we can best serve our students by working collaboratively on their behalf. We are committed to providing quality services to all of our students.


The Interlocal is located in and covers all of Butler County, Kansas. Butler County is directly east of Wichita, the largest city in Kansas. The Interlocal encompasses approximately 1,600 square miles.


The Interlocal serves over 2,400 students with the following exceptionalities: Emotional Disturbances, Visual Impairments, Learning Disabilities, Speech and Language Impairments, Physical Impairments, Early Childhood Special Education, Intellectual Disabilities, Severe Multiple Disabilities, Hearing Impairments, Gifted, Autism, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and Other Health Impairments.