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A note from the Director of Special Education

Posted Date: 03/24/2020

Butler County Special Education Interlocal's goal is to ensure that, to the greatest extent possible, each student with a disability will be provided appropriate and reasonable special education and related services for the remainder of the school year. These services can and will look quite different. Services could range from online or virtual instruction, instructional telephone calls, other curriculum based instructional activities, or any combination of these. Each IEP team will be reviewing your student’s IEP. Your child's IEP manager/teacher will be the point of contact for parent questions. The IEP manager/teacher will have access to the student’s IEP team in order to make individualized decisions about instruction for the student. The IEP manager/teacher will be providing activities/assignments and data collection methods based on the student’s IEP to parents during this time. We appreciate your flexibility and involvement in your child’s education.